MNC Movie - Channel 99

The Raid 2

Sunday, 21 September @ 9pm

Enjoy the last week in September with the best Indonesian films that will premiere on MNC Movie. Do not miss it!

  DIVA Universal - Channel 162

Hottest Home Baker 3

Premieres 22 September, Mon - Wed @ 5:05pm

Hottest Home Baker is back for another tantalizing season! Featuring 8 top home bakers across New Zealand.

  KBS World - Channel 353

Man From the Equator
Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Joon-hyuk, Lee Bo-yeong

Premieres 1 September, Mon - Thu @ 8:20am

The Story tells about Jang-il, the smartest of the school, and Seon-wu, the strongest kid in Yeosu, are best friends.

  MNC Comedy - Channel 104

Comedy Movie

Premieres 6 September, Mon - Fri @ 9:25pm

Do not miss the collection of impressions of the legendary Benjamin Sueb, Bagio and others that can churn your stomach and entertaining at home.

  MNC Music - Channel 91

What’s On Rising Star

Every Saturday @ 8:30pm

Want to know the activities finalists of the Rising Star Indonesia? Do not miss the exciting activities of their exclusive in MNC Music.

  TV5MONDE - Channel 356

L'été indien

Every Saturday @ 9:55pm

Recorded in public and outdoors in Montreal, L'été indien (The Indian Summer) brings together the top artists to review the success they have achieved.

  MNC Muslim - Channel 92

The Last Messenger

Sat - Sun @ 8:20am

Watch the story of the Prophet Muhammad The Last Messenger through the program. Watch the history and the stories just in MNC Muslims.

  Channel [V] International - Channel 272

Spotlight: Rita Ora


This month, Channel [V] put the spotlight on the multi-talented British singer Song-writer Rita Ora.

  CNBC Asia - Channel 337

The Rundown

Mon - Fri @ 6am

The Rundown is your essential guide to begin your day. Catch up on all the buzz from Wall St. and arm yourself with everything you need to know for the coming Asia trading day.

  DW - Channel 357

EUROMAXX: Bavaria Beckons

22 - 27 September @ 6pm

The Oktoberfest in Munich is the world’s largest public festival, attracting some six million people annually.

  MNC News - Channel 84

Bongkar Perkara

Sat & Sun @ 8:20am

Unloading a phenomena and events through the tracking of cases, the process of investigation to debate. Do not miss Bongkar Perkara's program will also add information about an event.

  FOX - Channel 153

Sleepy Hollow S2 (Express from the U.S.)

Premiere 24 September, Wednesday @ 8:00pm

Welcome back to SLEEPY HOLLOW, the thrilling mystery-adventure drama from co-creators/ executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

  Animax - Channel 157

The File of Young Kindaichi [Exclusive]

Premieres 2 September, Mon - Wed @ 10:30pm

Hajime Kindaichi is the grandson of a famous detective and a high school student who is lazy and doesn’t do well in school.

  One Channel - Channel 164

The Woman Who Married Thrice
Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ji Won, Song Chang Ui

Premieres 9 September, Mon - Thu @ 7:40pm

This story is about the life of a mother and her two daughters. It depicts the perspectives different.

  WarnerTV - Channel 163


Premieres 25 September, Thursday @ 8pm

With a reputation synonymous with law and order, Commissioner James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is one of the crime world's greatest foes.

  Vision 2 Drama - Channel 150


Premieres 3 September, Monday - Friday @ 9:55pm

The story tells about the struggle of the child who wants to free his father from a murder charge.

  BeTV - Channel 155


Premieres 17 September, Weeknights @ 6:50pm

Men at Work centers on four buddies who work together at a magazine and form a modern day band of brothers as they navigate work politics, life and love in New York City.

  HITS - Channel 169

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Monday – Friday @ 7pm

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

  Sony Entertainment Television - Channel 160

The Night Shift S1

Saturdays @ 9pm

These doctors collided principle with hospital bureaucracy, more concerned with personal gain rather than the patient's life forward.

  AXN - Channel 154

The Voice 7

Premiere 28 September, Every Sunday @ 7:10pm

Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani joins veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton in this season. Who will be the next winner in The Voice 7?

  WAKUWAKU JAPAN - Channel 168

Hero 2014

Saturdays @ 8pm

Bring back the biggest drama "HERO 2014" this summer! Kohei Kuryu, prosecutors famous eccentric, restarting adventures in Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Josai Branch Office!

  E! Entertainment - Channel 242

Men of the Strip

Premieres 7 September, Sundays @ 9pm

Jeff along with acclaimed choreographer Glenn Packard will put a select few through boot camp of choreography, songs and show production.

  MNC Drama - Channel 94

Cupcakes Diary Special: Widyawati & Sophan Sophiaan

27 - 28 September @ 8:50pm

Widyawati and Sophan Sophiaan romance always be remembered and interesting to watch through a drama. Watch the love story of their programs only in MNC Drama.

  FX - Channel 159

Liam McIntyre, Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare

Premiere 2 September, Tuesday @ 9pm

In this third and final season of Spartacus, the rebellion has swelled to thousands of freed slaves, and Spartacus, alongside his generals, prepares for war with Rome.

  BBC Knowledge - Channel 200

Walking Wounded - Return to the Frontline

Premieres 17 September, Wednesdays @ 9:50pm

Former fashion photographer Giles Duley was embedded with the US army in Afghanistan in 2011 when he stepped on an improvised explosive device.

  National Geographic Channel - Channel 202

Time Scanners - Petra & Egyptian Pyramids

18 & 25 September @ 8pm

Structural engineer Steve Burrows leads his team of laser-scanning experts to Jordan in the Middle East.

  Animal Planet - Channel 203

Mutant Planet (S2)

Premieres 25 September, Thursdays @ 8pm

Mutant Planet reveals why nature allows strange and eccentric animals and their patterns of behavior to flourish through the miracle of natural selection.

  Discovery Science - Channel 205

Broken Minds (New Series)

Premieres 20 September, Saturdays @ 8:30pm

The fascinating new medical mystery series that leads viewers on a bizarre journey deep inside the mind.

  Crime Investigation Network - Channel 208

KL Enforcers (New Series/Original Production)

Start 13 September, Every Saturday @ 7:30pm

KL Enforcers is a brand new reality series taking viewers behind the front lines with some of Kuala Lumpur's toughest police officers in the city's most dangerous areas as they battle to keep the city safe.

  Discovery Channel - Channel 201

Survive That! (New Series)

Premieres 1 September, Mondays @ 7pm

Find out as five survivalists play this “game” that puts all of their skills to the ultimate test.

  National Geographic Wild - Channel 204

David Attenborough's Rise of Animals

Premieres 23 September, Tuesdays @ 8:35pm

David Attenborough uses new fossil evidence to unlock nature’s most extraordinary story the rise of the vertebrates.

  Eurosport - Channel 304

Tour of Spain 2014 (LIVE)

23 August - 14 September 2014

This Saturday the 3rd Grand Tour of the year, the Tour of Spain 2014, will start in Jerez de la Frontera with a nightly team time trial of 12.6 kilometers and will take place from 23 August till 14 September 2014.

  MNC Sports 1 - Channel 101

ATP 500 Tennis: China Open-Beijing (LIVE)

29 & 30 September @ 11:45am

Watch ATP China Open LIVE from Beijing, China. Will Djokovic retain the title again endure the 5th?

  CBeebies - Channel 41

Grandpa In My Pocket Series 4

Premieres 15 September, Monday - Friday @ 3pm

Jason has grown up and is busy with football and friends, the secret of the shrinking cap is revealed to Jason’s younger cousins Elsie and Josh, that their Grandpa is made of magic!

  MNC Kids - Channel 42


Mon - Fri @ 1:45pm

In culverts, yellow and red larvae was always just had a fun and exciting story on their every behavior.

  Cartoon Network - Channel 46


Premieres 6 September, Every Saturday @ 8:30am

Get ready for more Mixels madness, as more new Mixels are here, in this brand new special. With brand new tribes, and and brand new adventures, prepare to be amazed!

  BabyTV - Channel 40



Crafty Rafty uses everyday objects such as bottle caps, buttons and bits of wood to create magnificent and colorful scenes.

  Disney Channel - Channel 45

Art Attack

Daily @ 9:30am

In Art Attack, we will learn and know a lot of unique things that we can create materials and tools that exist around us.

  Discovery Kids - Channel 48

Uncaged (New Series)

Premieres 2 September, Tuesdays @ 4pm

Jump into the habitats of polar bears, exotic monkeys, colorful toucans, giant whales, penguins, bald eagles and grizzly bears as we tour the globe to witness the wildlife.

  8i - Channel 151

The Seeds Of Life
Melvin Sia, Shaun Chen, Yan Yee

Premieres 1 September, Mon-Fri @ 9pm

Luo Chang He and his wife Qiu Mei run an illustrious rice factory. While their younger son Shi Jie is down-to-earth and gains the trust of his father, the elder son Shi Cong is ambitious and unrealistic, often falling for scams.

  DMAX - Channel 225

Fat N’ Furious (New Series)

Premieres 7 September, Thursdays @ 9pm

Fat N' Furious follows the hilarious car junkies of Christmas Automotives as they hunt down left-fordead cars - bringing them back to life and to the racetrack.

  EVE - Channel 246

Women of Homicide (New Series)

Premieres 18 September, Thursdays @ 8pm

Women of Homicide takes a honest look at life as a female in the male-dominated world of homicide investigation.

  Life Inspired - Channel 245

Cake Walk: Wedding Cake Edition

Premieres 23 September, Tuesdays @ 8pm

A cake decorating competition hosted by comedian and actress Caroline Rhea with a cake featuring three designers to create the best cake for the bridal couple.

  TLC - Channel 248

Detoxed (New Series)

Premieres 9 September, Tuesdays @ 8pm

Bobby Chinn is seeking to recharge his batteries, centre his chi and give his health some long overdue TLC.