Fox Family Movies - Channel 15

Wreck It Ralph
John C. Reily, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer

Premieres Sunday, 3 August @ 7pm

A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives.

  MGM - Channel 18

Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, David Duchovny

Monday, 4 August @ 8pm

Graduate student and his girlfriend set out on a cross-country roadtrip to research a book they are writing on serial killers.  Along the way, they pick up an ex-con and his girlfriend  who will take them on a ride they'll never forget.     

  HBO Hits - Channel 10

World War Z

Friday, 1 August @ 10pm

A former United Nations employee attempts to protect his family and all civilization from the pandemic outbreak that threatens their survival!

  CINEMAX - Channel 8

Ninja : Shadow of A Tear
Scott Adkins, Kane Kosugi, Mika Hijii

Premiere Sunday, 17 August @ 9pm

Ninjitsu master Casey is back and out for revenge when his pregnant wife gets murdered.

  Thrill - Channel 19

The Uninvited

Friday, 22 August @ 10pm

Anna (Emily Browning) and Alex (Arielle Kebbel) return home to find their widowed father (David Strathairn) engaged to a woman named Rachel (Elizabeth Banks).

  HBO Signature - Channel 6

Temple Grandin

Friday, 8 August @ 9pm

Claire Danes stars in the title role as Temple Grandin, an autistic young woman who became one of America’s most remarkable success stories.

  HBO Family - Channel 9

People Like Us

Saturday, 30 August @ 3:20pm

Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks play two siblings who discover their relationship only after their father’s death.

  FOX Movies Premium - Channel 14

Thor : The Dark World
Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston

Premieres 30 August @ 8pm

Marvel’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself.

  HBO - Channel 7

The Leftovers S1

Premieres 3 August, Sundays @ 8pm JKT

An HBO Original series about how the people of New York struggle and cope when 2% of the world’s population abruptly disappear without explanation.

  MNC Music - Channel 91

Fun Boy

Starting 10 August, Sundays @ 11:30am

Boy William is a presenter of the show "Fun Boy". Each week will explore a different theme, and play video clips related to the theme.

  DIVA Universal - Channel 162


Premieres 4 August, Mondays - Fridays @ 3:15PM

Will the memory of your first love last forever? A pure and true love will blossom between Aurora and Lorenzo, but lies and deceits will separate them and change their lives forever.

  DW - Channel 357

Return to Paradise

Monday, 11 August @ 1:15pm

The garden – whether it’s a small park or a tiny city balcony – is a place where you can create your ideal world.

  CNBC Asia - Channel 337

Capital Connection

Monday - Friday @ 11pm

Hosted by Sri Jegarajah from the SGX and Carolin Roth in CNBC's London studio, Capital Connection is your GPS for the fast-paced, international, interconnected world of business and finance.

  MNC News - Channel 84

Good Morning Indonesia spc Kemerdekaan

Sunday, 17 August @ 7:30am

Indonesian independence day has arrived! Time for us to witness the Special Program of Independence. All series of the program, you can see in MNC News Ch. 84, Indovision.

  CNN International - Channel 333

Cold War

Saturday, 30 August @ 5pm
Sunday, 31 August @ 8am

China becomes the recipient of Soviet aid, supports Communist movements worldwide and confronts the United States in Korea and in the Taiwan straits.

  Universal Channel - Channel 158


Every Tuesdays @ 8pm

World-famous masters of illusion Penn & Teller are looking for a little magic of their own, issuing a challenge for all magicians to attempt a trick in front of them.

  One Channel - Channel 164


Starting 11 August, Every Mon - Tue @ 7:55pm

A melodrama about a married man (Kwon Sang Woo) who receives a huge sum of money from an arrogant woman (Choi Ji Woo) to repay the debt he owes.

  KIX - Channel 161

Glory World Series

Starting 19 August, Every Tuesdays @ 9pm

Glory World Series brings a world championship level of kickboxing to audiences by uniting the best kickboxers under one roof to determine who reigns supreme in the ring.

  Life Time - Channel 167

The Good Mistress

Premieres 5 August, Tuesdays @ 7pm

Recently released and on probation, SANDY moves to the small town of Shelter Hills to start over, clean and sober. Her friend KAREN gets Sandy a job the local law firm, and Sandy starts to get back on her feet.

  WarnerTV - Channel 163

DALLAS Season 3

Premieres 14 August, Every Wed @ 8pm

The premiere of the 3rd season begins with the Ewing family was at the peak, after eliminating Cliff Barnes (played by Ken Kercheval) and take over his company.

  Syfy Universal - Channel 165


Wednesdays @ 9pm

Reimagining the legend of the future King Arthur and Merlin, Merlin chooses to focus on these two icons in their youth, where King Arthur is still a young, self-absorbed boy and Merlin’s magic has not realized his full potential as the all-powerful warlock.

  FX - Channel 159


Premieres 6 August, Every Wed @ 9pm

The fourth season of LOUIE kicks off with Louie's bumpy daily life, including a visit to the doctor, cooking dinner for his girls until brief respite in a comics' poker game.

  AXN - Channel 154

Falling Skies 4

Premiere 21 August, Every Thursday @ 9pm

At the end of Season 3, Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and the 2nd Mass scored their biggest victory of the war to date with the destruction of the Espheni mothership in Boston.

  FOXCrime - Channel 152

CSI Miami S10

Premiere 4 August, Mon - Fri @ 6:25pm

The show trails the investigations of a team of Miami-Dade Police Department forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths and crime committed. This is a final season!

  Vision 2 Drama - Channel 150

Brazil Avenue

Starting 5 August, Mon-Fri @ 8:15pm

Brazil Avenue tells the dramatic story of Rita, a sweet young woman, who tries to recover the life her stepmother Carmina took from her when she was just a child, following the death of her father.

  BeTV - Channel 155


Perdana 16 Agustus, Setiap Sabtu @ 15:40 WIB

Musim ini, masih dengan trauma kehilangan yang dialami oleh Scott, Stiles, Lydia dan Kira yang kembali ke semester baru dengan jati diri yang baru.

  Sony Entertainment Television - Channel 160

Desperate Housewife

Premieres 15 August, Monday - Friday @ 9:45pm

The stakes are higher than ever as the world's most celebrated housewives are united by their involvement in the slaying of Gaby's loathsome stepfather.


  Animax - Channel 157

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Premieres 13 August, Mon-Fri @ 10pm

Due to global warming and rising sea levels of the early 21st century, humanity lost much of the Earth's landmass. At the same time, fleets of powerful sentient ships known as  "Fleet of Fog“.

  E! Entertainment - Channel 242

The Red Carpet: The 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards

Tuesday, 26 August @ 5am (LIVE)

E!, the ultimate destination for Red Carpet coverage, brings fans around the world the most comprehensive look at this year’s 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards.

  National Geographic Channel - Channel 202

Survive the Tribe - Rainforest Masters

Premieres Friday, 1 August @ 9pm

Explorer Hazen Audel learns how to survive like the Huaorani do in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

  The History Channel - Channel 206

D-Day Lost Films

Saturday-Sunday, 2 - 3 August @ 9pm

Rare footage is rendered in High Definition, then combined with interviews from the men who lived through it. Allied and German survivors tell their first-hand stories about the war that changed the course of the world.

  BBC Knowledge - Channel 200

Rise of the Continents

Premieres 26 August, Tuesdays @ 8:50pm

This is the story of how life, land and time came together to create the extraordinary diversity of the seven continents.

  Crime Investigation Network - Channel 208

The Ghost Inside My Child S1

Thursday, 21 & 28 August @ 9pm

The Ghost Inside My Child explores those rare and outlandish tales of children who remember dying in a past life, often violently and tragically.

  Discovery Science - Channel 205

Building Invincible (New Series)

Premieres 12 August, Tuesdays @ 8.30pm

For years, America’s skylines have been at the mercy of Mother Nature with tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes all wreaking havoc on city structures directly in their firing line.

  Animal Planet - Channel 203

Broken Tail's Last Journey

Premieres 31 August, Sundays @ 9pm

This programme documents Broken Tail’s journey into the wilds of rural India.

  Discovery Channel - Channel 201

Wild Weekends with Bear Grylls

Premieres 17 August, Sundays @ 7pm

In this episode, Bear Grylls takes Stephen Fry on exhilarating adventures well outside his comfort zone.

  Eurosport - Channel 304

Tennis : US OPEN

26 - 31 August @ 8am & 10am (LIVE)

LIVE from Flushing Meadows, Eurosport will be at the heart of the US Open to bring you the best of the last Grand Slam of the year.

  FOX SPORTS - Channel 302


25 - 31 August 2014 (LIVE)

The world’s best badminton players will converge on Copenhagen, Denmark for the BWF World Championships.

  Disney Channel - Channel 45

Sofia The First and The Disney Princesses

Tuesday, 12 August @ 10:30am

Feel like a royal today with back to back episodes of your favourite princess-in- training Sofia the First, together with classic Disney princesses like Ariel (The Little  Mermaid), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty),  Jasmine (Aladdin) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast).

  Disney XD - Channel 44

The New Yoda Chronicles Episode 2 : Race For The Holocrons

Saturday, 23 August @ 8am

Palpatine has summoned all of the Separatist leadership to Geonosis, where he unveils a new secret weapon which will ensure ultimate victory for the Sith. Will they succeed?

  Discovery Kids - Channel 48

Pet School

Premieres 18 August, Mondays @ 4pm

On Pet School, children learn what it really takes to look after animals.

  Nickelodeon - Channel 49

Gotta Spot it!

Friday, 29 August @ 3pm

There’s secret stuff hidden in these brand new episodes of Sam & Cat, Haunted Hathaways and The Thundermans.

  CBeebies - Channel 41

Show Me Show Me Sr5

Premieres 4 August, Monday - Friday @ 9:05am

Chris and Pui invite children to pick up their toys and join them in their playroom in the sky in this brand new series of the colourful, fun and exciting world of Show Me Show Me.

  Disney Junior - Channel 43

Colors of Disney Junior

11 - 17 August, Mon - Sun @ 10am

Every day this week, your little one’s favourite Disney Junior character will be paired with a different color, making your Disney Junior moments even more special!

  BabyTV - Channel 40



Henry is very hungry. As he searches for his favourite dish Henry reveals how different foods are prepared, the ingredients that make up his beloved meal, and where each of the ingredients comes from.

  8i - Channel 151

The Palm Of Ru Lai
Julian Chueng, Chen Long, Zhu Yin

Starting 21 August, Monday - Friday @ 10pm

‘The Palm of Rulai’ is based on the belief that there were two formidable forms of kungfu, namely, the Palm of Rulai and the Heavenly Foot.

  Celestial Classic Movies - Channel 22

Black Magic
Tanny, Lily Li, Ti Lung

Saturday, 23 August @ 8pm

Magician San Kan-mi earns a living by charging people for his love spells but when he meets his next customer Hsu Lo and his attractive fiancée Wang Chu-Ying, San Kan-mi devises an evil plan for Hsu.

  Celestial Movies - Channel 20

The Stolen Years

Premiere Sunday, 10 August @ 8pm

When He Man (Fay Bai) suddenly loses five years of her memory in a serious car crash, she wakes to find herself divorced from Xie Yu (Joseph Chang) who has now moved on with his life.

  Asian Food Channel - Channel 240


Premiere Tuesday, 19 August @ 8pm

Join Jonathan Phang as he travels aboard some of the world’s most elegant trains to visit the most tantalizing culinary destinations that include Venice, Istanbul and Bangkok!

  Life Inspired - Channel 245

Charly`s Cake Angels S2

Premieres 3 August, Sundays @ 8pm

It is holiday time for the Cape Town bakers, but first they need to make a creation in honour of a departed friend and send it out to sea in Zanzibar.

  TLC - Channel 248

Now Boarding: Australia

Premieres 3 August,  Sundays @ 9pm

Now Boarding showcases programs that shed light on the best way to enjoy a holiday.