HBO Signature - Channel 6

Cold Comes The Night
Alice Eve, Ursula Parker

Friday, 17 October @ 9pm

He struggled to free his daughter were held hostage by a man who tried to snatch money from corrupt police.

  HBO - Channel 7

Grace S1
Russell Wong, Pamelyn Chee

Premieres 17 October, Fridays @ 9pm

HBO orginal series which tells the mistakes made by a father to take his family on a tense situation.

  CINEMAX - Channel 8

Resident Evil: Retribution
Milla Jovovvich, Michele Rodriquez

Saturday, 11 October @ 9pm

With the help of allies, Alice chasing the person who is responsible for the release of the T-break virus that threatens mankind.

  HBO Family - Channel 9

Iron Man: Rise of Technovore
Norman Reedus, Matthew Mercer

Friday, 3 October @ 5:30pm

Terrorist attack leads to Stark Industries and threatening the lives of inhabitants of the earth. What to do Iron Man?

  HBO Hits - Channel 10

Fast & Furious 6
Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

Thursday, 23 October @ 10pm

Letnan Hobbs formed a special team for car thieves gang arrested this luxury. Can Toreto and his group escaped again?

  FOX Movies Premium - Channel 14

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug
Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage

Premieres Saturday, 25 October @ 8pm

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug continues the adventure of Bilbo Baggins as he journeys with the Wizard Gandalf and thirteen Dwarves.

  Fox Family Movies - Channel 15

The Last Song
Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth

Sunday, 19 October @ 7pm

He has the opportunity to establish a close relationship with his daughter through the similarity of their tastes, the music.

  MGM - Channel 18

Candyman II: Farewell To Flesh
Tony Todd, Kelly Rowan

Monday, 27 October @ 8pm

Candyman legend becomes real and starts haunting, when Annie mentions his name five times. Will he survive?

  Thrill - Channel 19

Asian Fear Fest

Premieres 4 October, Saturdays & Sundays @ 9pm

Save your screams for Asian Fear Fest 2014 this October! Asian Fear Fest brings back eight gripping story across Asia to celebrate Halloween with the family.

  MNC Movie - Channel 99

MNC Hits Movie: The Premiere

4 & 5 October @ 9pm

Watch the premiere of Ridho Rhoma and Rhoma Irama within 2 movie premiere in MNC Movie.

  MNC Music - Channel 91

MNC Indonesia Music Chart

Saturdays @ 7:30pm

Do not miss the latest musical program will feature the Top 20 Indonesian songs from the best radio stations all over Indonesia. Watch only in MNC Music.

  MNC Muslim - Channel 92

Nasihat Luqman

Premieres 6 October, Monday - Friday @ 5am

Abi Luqman and his family will share the stories and wisdom of everyday life. Do not miss the inspirational story only on MNC Muslim.

  MNC Comedy - Channel 104

Islamic New Year Special Program

Saturday, 25 October @ 5:30pm & 7:35pm

Watch the action komeng, adul and sule that will make you laugh with their silly action.

  Channel [V] International - Channel 272

Breakout Artist: Charli XCX


Do not miss the charm of Charli XCX in the world music scene in Breakout Artist this September!

  iConcerts - Channel 273

The Corrs - Live in Geneva

Wednesday, 8 October @ 11:55pm

IConcerts will display one of the very legendary bands The Corrs, find out how the excitement of the most spectacular concert.

  Nat Geo Music - Channel 275

Keep On Movin

Monday - Friday @ 8am & 9pm

An event musical offerings that will make you stomp your feet and sing all the time, because this event will play your favorite video clips.

  Trace TV - Channel 276

Guest Star

Wednesdays @ 10:45pm

A new formula of the Trace that will bring you closer to your favorite artists. With an exclusive interview, you will learn more about your favorite artists.

  KBS World - Channel 353

Secret Love

Thursday, 16 October @ 12pm

Everyone has their own secrets. Secrets can help people succeed and even fall in love; but secrets can also destroy people.

  TV5MONDE - Channel 356

Fais pas ci, fais pas ça
Isabelle Gélinas, Bruno Salomone, Valérie Bonneton

Premieres 20 October, Mondays @ 5pm

Fabienne an E.O. is preparing for a big festival to the city wins this year, but at the last minute the organizers to cancel the show, what will happen?

  MNC News - Channel 84

Bongkar Perkara

Saturday & Sunday @ 8:20am

Disassemble a phenomena and events through the tracking of cases, the process of investigation to the debate, which will also add information about an event.

  Channel NewsAsia - Channel 330

Beyond Limits

Starting 21 October, Tuesdays @ 7:30pm

Beyond Limits is a series featuring women who have trail-blazed to the top of their fields to provide motivation to others.

  BBC World News - Channel 332

BBC World News America

Monday - Friday @ 9pm & 11pm

Matt Frei and Katty Kay present on BBC World News America. Together, they will report the events that occurred from around America and around the world.

  CNN International - Channel 333

The Business View with Nina Dos Santos

Monday - Friday @ 5pm

Guided by Nina Dos Santos this event will be interviewing some of the great figures of Europe and also predict the development of the stock market on Wall Street.

  CNBC Asia - Channel 337

Suze Orman Show

Saturday @ 6am & 10am

A program that will bring financial topics during this week, "The Suze Orman Show" will also assist in determining the destination of your financial plan.

  MNC Drama - Channel 94

Crispy (Cerita Manis Bikin Happy)

Monday - Friday @ 2:50pm

Color your day with a variety of sweet stories that will make you happy. Starting from the story of friendship to the feelings of love that will fill your free time.

  Vision 2 Drama - Channel 150

Wild at Heart

Premieres 28 October, Monday - Friday @ 6:30pm

A love story of two human beings different walks of life are fulfilled by a steep hurdles to be able to unify their love.

  FOX - Channel 153


Premieres 3 October, Thursday - Friday @ 8pm

Rush is a physician who seeks to rise from adversity after being left by his father as a lover and partner.

  AXN - Channel 154

Caught On Camera S6

Premieres 3 October, Fridays @ 8:05pm

Caught On Camera is a program that displays a wide range of video CCTV cameras recorded both home and public places.

  BeTV - Channel 155

Flipping Out S7

Premieres 16 October, Weeknights @ 6:50pm

Watch the latest season of "Flipping Out S7" with Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos and Zoila-Nassos when they worked in the interior design business.

  STAR World - Channel 156

Styled to Rock US

Wednesdays @ 8:40pm

Twelve young and ambitious designers, in collaboration with three mentor to win the prize money and be part of a team fashion Rihanna.

  Animax - Channel 157

Golden Time

Premieres 22 October, Monday - Friday @ 10pm

Banri Tada suffers from amnesia due to an accident shortly after high school graduation and lost all memories prior to the accident.

  Universal Channel - Channel 158

Grimm S4

Premieres 1 October, Wednesdays @ 12pm

A police officer who has extraordinary powers to maintain peace on Earth from evil forces named Wesen.

  FX - Channel 159

Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett

Premieres 12 October, Sundays @ 9pm

Set in 1950s Jupiter, Florida, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW centers around one of the last remaining freak shows of the time.

  Sony Channel - Channel 160

Manhattan Love Story

Premieres 19 October, Sundays @ 8:45pm

Have you ever wondered what your date was thinking? This romantic comedy exposes the differences between men and women  in the dating scene.

  KIX - Channel 161

MMA: World Series of Fighting

Mondays @ 9pm

This event brings together great fighters from various competitions, such as Bellator veteran Jessica Agullar and UFC veteran David Branch.

  WarnerTV - Channel 163


Premieres 12 October, Mondays @ 7pm

In the aftermath of his victory, Season Three opens with The Arrow now a hero to the citizens of Starling.

  One Channel - Channel 164

My Lovely Girl

Premieres 22 October, Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 7:55pm

A romantic drama about a group of young people in the music industry, with a blossoming relationship between an agency CEO and an aspiring producer.

  Syfy Universal - Channel 165

Ghost Bride
Yoson An, Rebekah Palmer

Saturday, 4 October @ 8:10pm

Jason was forced to hide her love for Skye from her mother, who wants to marry Jason with May Ling mysterious.

  E! Entertainment - Channel 242

Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne

Premieres 16 October, Thursdays @ 9pm

Two beautiful girl is trying to conquer the concrete jungle of New York with their respective talents. Did they?

  LifeTime - Channel 167

Stranger With My Face

Tuesday, 7 October @ 7pm

Following the tragic death of her father, 17-year-old Laurie Stratton leaves New York City, her friends and her old life behind for a new beginning with her mother and her sister, Megan.

  HITS - Channel 169

The Cosby Show

Monday - Friday @ 5:30pm

Bill Cosby brings its own antics for you and your family. Husband and father figure of a warm, cheerful and reliable.

  BBC Knowledge - Channel 200

Hidden Kingdoms

Premieres 26 October, Sundays @ 7:05pm

Prepare to be amazed, entertained and fascinated by our planet's Hidden Kingdoms. It’s time for the little guys to take centre stage!

  Discovery Channel - Channel 201

The Unexplained Files

Premieres 9 October, Thursdays @ 9:00pm

This season launches viewers into another gripping exploration of the unknown by investigating more of the most puzzling from more countries.

  National Geographic Channel - Channel 202

Yukon Gold S2

Premieres 6 October, Mondays @ 9:00pm

Yukon Gold is a documentary series following a select group of remarkable family businesses in the Canadian north: Gold miners.

  Animal Planet - Channel 203

Alaska Moose Men

Premieres 5 October, Sundays @ 7:00pm

Alaska Moose Men goes behind the scenes of the Alaska Moose Federation. This program follows the daily lives of forty volunteers working to keep the population of Moose safe from road kill and other harms.

  National Geographic Wild - Channel 204

72 Dangerous Animals Australia

Premieres 9 October, Thursdays @ 8:35pm

72 Dangerous Animals Australia combines real life stories, beautifully filmed footage and a host of characters who work and live with these unique Australian animals.

  Discovery Science - Channel 205

Superhuman Science

Premieres 20 October, Weekdays  @ 6:30pm

The series finds out which buzzworthy Internet clips show real feats of human strength, endurance and coordination - and which have been faked to fool us.

  The History Channel - Channel 206

Photo Face-Off

Premieres 7 October, Tuesdays @ 8pm

Photo Face-Off continues as 5 photographers compete for the assignment of a lifetime - an all expenses paid trip to New York City to photograph some of the world's biggest stars.

  Crime Investigation Network - Channel 208

Obsession: Dark Desires

Premieres 3 October, Fridays @ 9pm

In this new series Obsession: Dark Desire, viewers confront the menace of life-shattering obsession, brought to life through visceral drama and open victim testimony.

  FOX SPORTS 2 - Channel 302

Nanshan China Masters (LIVE)

Sunday, 12 October @ 12pm

With a gift of $ 1,000,000, this tournament promises an exciting match, spectacular and thrilling.

  FOX Sport - Channel 303

BWF Denmark Open Superseries Premier (LIVE)

16 - 19 October 2014

With increased cash prizes of up to $ 600,000, won the competition will be intense. Who will win the title this time?

  Eurosport - Channel 304

Tour of Beijing (LIVE)

Saturday, 11 October @ 2pm

Crossing the Tiananmen Square, pedaling along the track wall of China and the Bird's Nest stadium, Eurosport presenting the Tour of Beijing cycling race in 2014!

  BabyTV - Channel 40

Pitch And Potch


Pitch & Potch enjoy the different sounds produced when they bang, tap, squeeze or shake various objects around the house.

  CBeebies - Channel 41

The Mister Maker Make It Show (LIVE on Stage)

Saturday & Sunday, October 18-19th 2014 at Gandaria City Main Atrium

Come and see MISTER MAKER Live in Indonesia! For Indovision Subscriber, visit www.indovision.tv/quiz and stand a chance to win Meet and Greet live with MISTER MAKER! Dont miss the fun with MISTER MAKER and crafting along with his amazing creations!

Mister Maker Marathon: Mister Maker Comes to Town Series 2
Premieres 11 October, Saturday & Sunday @ 9am

Mister Maker takes his brilliant artistic talents on the road in the ‘Makermobile’, to help  ‘mini-makers’ with ‘arty’ challenges in their homes and schools.

  Disney Junior - Channel 43

Mighty Monster Week

27 - 31 October @ 9:30am

Trick or Treat! This is the horrific moment in Disney Junior! Sofia the First, Henry Hugglemonster and Doc McStuffins will entertain younger siblings with exciting impressions.

  Disney XD - Channel 44


Monday - Friday @ 11am

Follow the journey and adventure Eli Shane and his team are also the Slug funny when they explore caves and met their enemies from the underworld.

  Disney Channel - Channel 45

Wander over Yonder

Saturday & Sunday @ 6am

Follow wander intergalactic journey along with his horse named Sylvia, they will adventure together exploring planets.

  Cartoon Network - Channel 46

BEN 10: Omniverse

Premieres 11 October, Saturdays @ 6am

His enemies Kangaroo Kommando, Billy Billions, and Captain Nemesis are busy teaming up to take their revenge and take Ben down! Can he conquer them all in the re-match?

  Nickelodeon - Channel 49


Premieres 6 October, Weekdays @ 8am

Wallykazam is animated comedy for children that tells the adventures of Wally Trollman and Norville dragon pets.

  Discovery Kids - Channel 48


Saturday 8th November 2014

Catch wildlife warrior Robert Irwin live in action as he demonstrates how Mother Nature has helped shaped the world we live in through a special show and tell session! By understanding biomimicry – the theme of Robert’s new Discovery Kids TV series WILD BUT TRUE – we will uncover how humans have taken ideas and made inventions inspired by nature and wildlife. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the biomimicry-inspired activity area.

Join Robert for an awesome show-and-tell session on:

  • Date: 8 November, Saturday
  • Time: 1.30pm & 5pm
  • Venue: Gandaria City, Main Atrium, Ground Level (JL. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12240)

The activity area will be open from 6-9 November, with special performances happening throughout the day.

Indovision subscribers will get a chance to win a meet & greet and photo opportunity with Robert by simply participating in the quiz.

Come and see the wildlife warrior ROBERT IRWIN in his WILD BUT TRUE ADVENTURE, Saturday 8th November 2014 at Main Atrium Gandaria City. For Indovision Subscribers, visit www.indovision.tv/quiz and stand a chance to adventure. Brace yourself for unforgettable adventure and have some fun with the brave kid, Robert Irwin!

  Celestial Movies - Channel 20

The Journey
Ben Andrew Pfeiffer, Lee Sai Peng

Sunday, 5 October @ 8pm

Ah Bee, a girl who just graduated from school abroad must fight hard to convince his father to accept her boyfriend Benji from abroad.

  Celestial Classic Movies - Channel 22

David Chiang , Wang Ping

Saturday, 25 October @ 8pm

The film is set in 1920 tells the story of a young man named retaliation Chiang great in the martial arts of Judo and blade game.

  8i - Channel 151

Precious Babes
Qi Yu Wu, Cynthia Koh

Premieres 13 October, Monday - Friday @ 9pm

This drama tells the story of several couples traveling household and the problems they face, especially issues of children, those who have had children.

  DMAX - Channel 225

Tattoo School (New Series)

Premieres 24 October, Fridays @ 9pm

A group of students will create art tattoo training of experts, the leader and founder of the Tattoo School, Dr. Bill Pogue.

  Asian Food Channel - Channel 240

My Penang

Premieres 13 October, Mondays @ 8pm

Food and travel writer Isobel Yeung embarks on a tantalizing adventure around Penang.

  Life Inspired - Channel 245

Camping with Two Guys

Premieres 14 October, Tuesdays @ 7:30pm

Continue your camping trip along the famous Korean singer, JK Kim Dong-wook and celebrity chef Raymond Kim in Camping with Two Guys.

  EVE - Channel 246

Momsters: When Moms Go Bad

Premieres 13 October, Mondays @ 10pm

Momsters: When Moms Go Bad uncovers a world in which moms will stop at nothing for their children’s happiness.

  National Geographic People - Channel 247

Access 360° World Heritage S2

Premieres 25 October, Saturdays @ 10:10pm

Take a tour exclusive nine UNESCO world heritage at the same time talking to those who keep the legacy is maintained.

  TLC - Channel 248

Something Borrowed Something New S2

Premieres 10 October, Fridays @ 7pm

In Something Borrowed Something New S2, the designers continue to solve the dilemma of the bride in deciding which dress they will wear, whether belonging to the mother or a new wedding dress?