HBO Signature - Channel 6

Gangster Squad
Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn

Monday, 12 January @ 8pm

Based on the desire to eradicate corruption, John O'Mara formed a team of police who fight against all forms of corruption and injustice.

  HBO - Channel 7

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley

Saturdays, 10 January @ 8pm

Jack Ryan is a data analyst who dismantle the CIA Russian mafia plans to drop the US economy through terrorist attacks.

  CINEMAX - Channel 8

Frank Grillo, Jaimie Alexander, Roschdy Zem

Friday, 9 January @ 9pm

Taylor plan a honeymoon to Morocco just to kill her husband. But his plans fall apart when they are trapped in an accident in the desert.

  HBO Family - Channel 9

Blades of Glory
Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett

Saturday, 24 January @ 6:30pm

Chaz and Jimmy are ice skaters who compete to be the best. When paired as a partner to the world ice-skating competition, can they put aside their enmity?

  HBO Hits - Channel 10

Odd Thomas
Anton Yelchin, Ashley Sommers, Leonor Varela

Friday, 16 January @ 8:15pm

Thomas the ability to see spirits of the dead. When a stranger arrives in the form of predators that live on human fear, he knew that his city in the middle of danger.

  FOX Movies Premium - Channel 14

Kit Harington, Emily Browning and Kiefer Sutherland

Saturday, 31 January @ 8pm

In order to save his girlfriend who became prisoners of a corrupt senator, Milo was transformed from a weak slave into a mighty gladiator.

  Thrill - Channel 19

The Possesion
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lee Pace, Tuva Novotny

Friday, 16 January @ 10pm

Appointed by the true story of a girl who buys a mysterious box, but it turned out to contain the evil forces who want his life. Can parents to save him?

  Sundance - Channel 23

Lock Charmer
Yosiria Huaripata, Esteban Lamothe, Erica Rivas

Sunday, 25 January @ 9pm

After receiving the power to see other people's lives and help them fix it, Sebastian began to rethink its relationship with the family and Isabela.

  HBO Signature - Channel 6

The Manchurian Candidate
Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber

27 February @ 4:55pm

After experiencing a variety of events, an officer began to question the bay is war memories, whether it is real or is there a reason behind it?

  HBO - Channel 7

Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Scoot Mcnairy

9 February @ 8pm

An agent trapped in a plane hijacking who want a ransom of US $ 150 million of the airline or passenger safety is threatened.

  CINEMAX - Channel 8

Antonio Banderas, Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, Dylan Mcdermott

20 February @ 9pm

Jacq Vaucan is an insurance agent who investigated the ROC Robotics robot assault case to its owner. The fact that the discovery will shake the future of mankind.

  HBO Family - Channel 9

Race To Witch Mountain
Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb

14 February @ 12pm

A taxi driver helped two brothers escape from the pursuit of a group of criminals who want to take advantage of their strengths.

  HBO Hits - Channel 10

Good People
James Franco, Kate Hudson

5 February @ 6:45pm

The pair find their money in the apartment tenants who have died. Now they have become the target of the mafia who want the money back.

  FOX Movies Premium - Channel 14

Are We Officially Dating?
Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller

14 February @ 8pm

Three friends have agreed to avoid the commitment of marriage. However, when each was involved in a serious relationship, will they uphold their initial agreement?

  Thrill - Channel 19

A Good Marriage
Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia, Stephen Lang

13 February @ 10pm

After 25 years of a wonderful marriage, Darcy discovered a secret that has been hidden her husband. Is it a secret?

  MNC Movie - Channel 99


15 February @ 7:30pm

Cherrybelle asked to create a new dance choreographer for the sake of a more progressive image. Andre charismatic presence makes Cherrybelle members uneasy, especially Kezia. Until one day, Andre finds a love letter from a secret fan.

  Sundance - Channel 23

Life It Self
Roger Ebert, Chaz Ebert

1 February @ 9pm

Life It Self revolves around the journey of life and career of a famous film critic and social commentator, Roger Ebert.

  MNC Music - Channel 91

One Hour With

Mondays-Fridays @ 8:30pm

One-hour music program that discusses and displays the video clip exclusively musician ranging from early career until he reaches his success.

  MNC Music - Channel 91

Movie Track Special Maulid Nabi

Saturday, 3 January @ 6:30pm

Program featuring video clips from the movie soundtrack both locally and internationally, and also displays the trailer / behind the scenes of Islamic-themed films (Prophet's birthday special)

  Channel [V] - Channel 272

The Chosen One: David Guetta

Daily, Start 1 January 2015

The Chosen One in January fell to David Guetta, he was elected as a new album titled Lovers On The Sun, which tops the European charts for 7 weeks.

  Nat Geo Music - Channel 275

We Can Dance

Saturdays-Sundays @ 12:30pm

Come let swaying to the music, because this event will be presenting a series of video clips that will make you sway and dance all day.


  TRACE - Channel 276

Guest Star

Wednesdays @ 10:45pm

A new formula of Trace that will bring you closer to your favorite artists. With exclusive interviews, you will learn more about your favorite artists.

  MNC Music - Channel 91

Movie Track Special Valentine

Sunday, 15 February @ 9pm

Programs featuring video clips and soundtracks of several films, both local and international films and also showing the trailer / behind the scenes of the film are the theme of love.

  MNC Muslim - Channel 92

Solusi Muslimah

Mondays-Thursdays @ 11:30am

Live life by adhering to the teachings of Islam makes life feel more calm and peaceful. Watch the nuances of Islamic entertainment and find solutions to life only in the MNC Muslim.

  Channel [V] - Channel 272


Tuesday-Friday @ 3:30pm

You love all kinds of music? TOP 5 will be playing five video clips of five different genres of music. Video clips are played is the first rank in every genre.

  Nat Geo Music - Channel 275

Keep On Movin

Monday-Friday @ 8am & 9pm

A program that makes your music offerings stomping and singing all the time, because this event will play the video clips of your favorite video clips.

  TRACE - Channel 276

Trace Rewind

Mondays @ 2am

In this program, Trace will bring you back to the hits from the 90s until the 2000s. Trace will play back the video clip video clip of Tupac, Dr. Dre Eminem, Nelly and others.

  Channel NewsAsia - Channel 330

Scoop: Primetime Asia

Weeknights @ 6pm

Impressions flagship news Channel News Asia that presents a comprehensive coverage of the Asian variety, latest news and daily news summarized sharply.

  BBC World News - Channel 332

BBC World News America

Mondays-Fridays @ 9pm & 11pm

Matt Frei and Katty Kay present on BBC World News America. Together, they will report the events that occurred in the United States and around the world.

  CNN International - Channel 333

The Business View with Nina Dos Santos

Monday-Friday @ 5pm

Hosted by Nina Dos Santos this event will be interviewing some of the great figures of Europe and also predict the development of the stock market on Wall Street.

  Euronews - Channel 334


Sundays @ 9:46am

Weekly news program that gives you information about the development of the world during the week, especially news about developments in the world of nature as global warming.

  CNBC Asia - Channel 337

The Rundown

Monday-Friday @ 5am

Hosted by Adam Bakhtiar and Deirdre Wang Morris from CNBC studios in SGX will start your day with information about Wall Street and trade in Asia.

  Channel NewsAsia - Channel 330

Get Rea!

Mondays @ 7pm

The program has won many awards, an investigative documentary program indefinitely reveal different sides of Asia that has never been revealed to the world.

  Al Jazeera International - Channel 331

101 East

Sundays @ 11:30pm

A weekly program that will preach about the diverse culture and politics, special reports, interviews and debates as well as addressing issues of dynamic and growing in Asia.

  BBC World News - Channel 332

World News Today With Zeinab Badawi

Daily @ 1:30am

News program is presented in depth and accurate which will be hosted by Zeinab Badawi with the main focus news from the European region.

  CNN International - Channel 333

World Business Today

Tuesday-Friday @ 9:30pm

A CNN news program offerings that focus to inform about international business and economic market trends also offers stock trading and take overnya.

  Euronews - Channel 334


Sundays @ 9:46am

Weekly news program that gives you information on the progress the world during the week, especially news about the development of such nature in the world of global warming.

  CNBC Asia - Channel 337

Capital Connection

Monday-Friday @ 12pm

Along with Sri Jegarajah in Asia and Helia Ebrahimi on CNBC London studio, Capital Connection will help you understand the impact that occurs from market movements in global business.

  DW - Channel 357

Gerhard Richter Painting

17 February @ 5:15pm

A documentary that will feature one of the painter Gerhard Richter, one of the most influential contemporary artists in the world with abstract paintings.

  FOX - Channel 153

Opposite Worlds

Mondays @ 8pm

Imagine what happens if you are thrown into the past. And survival is the only option to get out.

  BeTV - Channel 155

Face Off S4

Premieres 26 January, Mondays-Fridays @ 7:40pm

Each week the participants were challenged to create a variety of amazing creations in the form of horror, human half-animal, cyborgs and various other forms.

  Animax - Channel 157

Inari, Kon Kon

Premieres 13 January, Mondays-Fridays @ 5:30pm

Inari shy and clumsy got the power to make it turn into a desired shape. Will to power, Inari can express feelings in Kouji?

  FX - Channel 159

Great Expectations
Jeremy Irvine, Helena Bonham Carter

Saturday, 10 January @ 9pm

Pip, an orphan were successful and is now struggling to get love woman of his dreams. But the reality may destroy his plans.

  Sony Channel - Channel 160

Seven Pounds
Will Smith, Rosario Dawson

Sunday, 25 January @ 6pm

Haunted by the past, Ben seek redemption with a project to change the lives of seven people elected. However, a woman from the group interrupted his plans.

  KIX - Channel 161

Enfusion Reality : Victory of The Vixen

Premieres 19 January, Mondays @ 8pm

For the first time, Enfusion Reality will present 18 female fighters from various countries to become number one in the 54kg division.

  One Channel - Channel 164


Premieres 12 January, Mondays-Tuesdays @ 7:55pm

Jung-Hwan who only had six months before the fatal brain tumor, prepare for the demands of big-time corruptors dragged into court.

  SyFy - Channel 165

Anime Block: Black Lagoon

Premieres 1 January, Mondays-Fridays @ 4pm

Okajimi not happy with his life. However, when the pirate group captive, he began to enjoy life as a pirate.

  Fyi - Channel 207

Taste of Vietnam S2

Tuesdays @ 7pm

Robert not only talking about Vietnamese food, it will also invite you to explore the cultural diversity of ethnic Vietnamese.

  E! Entertainment - Channel 242

2015 Academy Award Nomination - Red Carpet (LIVE)

Thursdays, 15 January @ 8:30pm

Do not miss to watch fashion style and the star's makeup while crossing this prestigious red carpet.

  Channel M - Channel 166

Pony's Diary

Thursdays @ 6:15pm

Get various beauty tips and dress Korean style of beauty Pony!

  Lifetime - Channel 167

The Ellen DeGeneres Show S12

Daily @ 10am

Join Ellen when he interviewed artists, singers and people with a myriad of exceptional talent in an event full of excitement and laughter.

  HITS - Channel 169

The X-Files

Premieres Tuesday, 20 January @ 8pm

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully is a special detective partner handle cases related to the existence of extraterrestrials.

  MNC Fashion - Channel 95

Fashion Star

Saturday-Sunday @ 7pm

Fashionable would be a dream for everyone. Do not miss the tips and tricks of the most suitable dress for you through the latest programs MNC Fashion.

  Vision 2 Drama - Channel 150

Looks & Essence

Premieres 19 February, Mondays-Fridays @ 10:45pm

When Griselda won the lottery, people who have gone from his life come and take advantage. Can Griselda save himself and his family and get love Rene?

  FOX - Channel 153

The Walking Dead S5 - Part 2

Premieres 9 February, Mondays @ 8pm

The second part of this fifth season brings many new characters, which influenced the group Rick, especially after the death of Beth.

  AXN - Channel 154


Premieres 11 February, Wednesdays @ 9pm

The story of a team of forensic investigators trained to collect and analyze evidence from the scene to the disclosure of a case.

  BeTV - Channel 155

Alias S2

Premieres 17 February, Monday-Friday @ 6:50pm

The second season begins with the presence of Irina Derevko, mother of Sydney which will have an important role in the continuation of this series. Watch only on beTV.

  Animax - Channel 157

Strike The Blood

Premieres 27 February, Mondays-Fridays @ 6:30pm

Himeragi sent to stalking and killing Akatsuki, a new vampire suspected Fourth progenitor; vampire with the greatest power. As its mission, Yukina will know the true power of the Fourth progenitor.

  FX - Channel 159

Archer S6

Premieres 18 February, Wednesdays @ 9pm

Archer crew back to do their best work, reconnaissance. However, the presence of a new baby Jane and Archer will give a new color in this series.

  Sony Channel - Channel 160

The Millionaire Matchmaker S7

Premieres 11 February, Tuesdays-Fridays @ 8:45pm

With his expertise, Patti will find a partner for the millionaires who still own. Not only ordinary people, his clients came from the well-known celebrities.

  KIX - Channel 161

Top Gear Korea S6

Tuesdays @ 8pm

Guided by Kim Jin-Pyo, Kim Kap-Soo and Jung-Hoon Yeon, Top Gear will present a variety of automotive challenges, such as race between a Lamborghini with super fast trains as well as the action that rotates 360 degrees barrel tense.

  One Channel - Channel 164

Jekyll & I

Premieres 25 February, Wednesdays-Thursdays @ 7:55pm

Gu Seo Jin has two personalities like Jekyll character, he gets in an accident as a child. For a moment he could be cool, but it turned into a warm and fun instantly.

  Fyi - Channel 207

Picker Sisters

Premieres 4 February, Wednesdays @ 7pm

Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hudson will invite you in their search for unused items will they turn into something that looks new and useful to store them.

  E! Entertainment - Channel 242

Untold with Maria Menounos S2

Premieres 15 February, Sundays @ 8pm

Untold with Maria Menounos, is more than just a talk show. Maria will dig deeper into the issue of information and entertainment guest stars who come to this event.

  MNC Infotainment - Channel 96

Show Biz

Mondays-Fridays @ 4pm

Watch the Indonesian celebrities who talk about guiding the hottest topics today along preferred guest star.

  Channel M - Channel 166

Valid Love

Mondays-Tuesdays @ 8pm

Years of living in a quiet marriage, until he learned that his wife had an affair. What will be done Hee-Tae?

  Lifetime - Channel 167

Remember Sunday

17 February @ 8pm

Molly has found the man of her dreams thinking in Gus. But she did not know Gus disease that is only able to recall in a very short time. Can she accept it?

  HITS - Channel 169

Diff'rent Stokes

Premieres 11 February, Mondays-Fridays @ 7pm

The story of a wealthy family in Manhattan who adopt children from the late housekeeper who came from Africa.

  BBC Knowledge - Channel 200

Robson Green: Extreme Fishermen

Premieres 28 January, Wednesdays @ 8:55pm

Follow trip Robson Green who will bring you to the fishing at places unusual, namely extreme fishing spot.

  Discovery Channel - Channel 201

How Do They Do It S12

Premieres 2 January, Fridays @ 8pm

This event will bring you to see how they are doing something or make something which is something useful for humans.

  National Geographic Channel - Channel 202

Bad Trip

Premieres 6 January, Tuesdays @ 8pm

This documentary will tell a few stories that initially runs a wonderful holiday, but in the middle of the holiday occurs bad thing, this story will be told directly by the witness.

  Animal Planet - Channel 203

Ivory Wars

Premieres 12 January, Mondays @ 9pm

Follow the journey of two former Navy SEAL and helicopter pilots who help fight illegal hunting of wild African elephants in Kenya.

  National Geographic Wild - Channel 204

Yukon Vet

Saturday, 24 January @ 2:10pm

Follow the life of a vet Michelle Oakley disebuah forests with heavy duty to rescue wild animals who need help.

  Discovery Science - Channel 205


Premieres 4 January, Sundays @ 6:30pm

This documentary will bring you look into how the mill stuff you use every day are created and what their innovation forward.

  History - Channel 206

United Stuff Of America

Premieres 6 January, Tuesdays @ 9pm

The event is hosted by Rick Harrison's, in each episode will reveal the chapters of American history, revealing back historic moments for the American people.

  Crime Investigation - Channel 208

48 Hour Mystery S5A

Premieres 14 January, Wednesdays @ 8pm

This event will bring you to the actual investigation, we'll see how professional police uncover a case through an investigation.

  BBC Knowledge - Channel 200

Dolphins-Spy in the Pod

Premieres 5 February, Thursdays @ 8:55pm

This documentary takes us to study and explore the unexpected aspects and often never seen before on the behavior of dolphins.

  Discovery Channel - Channel 201

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Premieres 17 February, Tuesdays @ 7pm

This event will bring six celebrities to extreme adventures in nature lair, remote locations in the US and other parts of the world. Can they finish the challenge?

  National Geographic Channel - Channel 202

Nazi Megastructures S2

Premieres 9 February, Mondays @ 9pm

A documentary that will take us to see how the greatness of the buildings that had once built by the Nazis who protect the Nazi forces of the enemy.

  Animal Planet - Channel 203

Best of Tanked

19-20 February @ 7pm

In this special edition, the crew will be working on some tank Tanked wonderful to famous celebrities like Tracy Morgan, Neil Patrick Harris and others.

  National Geographic Wild - Channel 204

Big Cat Week

9-14 February @ 9:30pm

For a full week, Nat Geo Wild will show Big Cat Week, which will explore the lives of the big cats also other types of big cat family.

  Discovery Science - Channel 205

Breakthrough Prize 2015

Sunday, 8 February @ 8:30pm

Discovery Science will broadcast the awards night for top scientists of the world where the winners will each get a cash prize of 36 million dollars.

  History - Channel 206

The Curse Of Oak Island S2

Premieres 11 February, Wednesdays @ 10pm

After finding coins Spain, Rick and Marty Lagina brothers will return to Oak Island to look for more clues about the mystery of Oak Island.

  Crime Investigation - Channel 208

Killer Kids S2

Premieres 7 February, Saturdays @ 8pm

This documentary will provide in-depth profile of the killer lives of children, and how they can make a killing at the age they are still children.

  MNC Sports 1 - Channel 101

WTA Brisbane International

Sunday, 11 January @ 10am (Final)

Will Serena won and became the number one female tennis player in the world? Or the Australian, as the host, managed to beat other top?

  MNC Sports 2 - Channel 102

WWE Series

Fridays @ 8:45pm

Fill Friday night you feel more energetic and excited at the weekend with WWE wrestling event in MNC Sports 2.

  FOX Sport - Channel 303

Hopman Cup

LIVE: Sunday, 4 January @ 12am

Hopman Cup-27 to be held in Perth, Australia. Alize Cornet pair and Jo-Wilfried will be back to defend their title.

  Golf Channel - Channel 305

PGA Hyundai Tournament

Tuesday, 13 January @ 4am

Expertise golfers led the white ball into the hole always invite our curiosity. Who are fewer take steps and hit the ball put it in the hole?

  MNC Sports 1 - Channel 101

FOOTBALL: La Liga BBVA 2014-2015 (LIVE)

Daily @ 12am

Football clubs top Spanish still compete for the title of La Liga. Are Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid's two closest competitors who will win the title?

  MNC Sports 2 - Channel 102

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Mondays-Wednesdays @ 9:30pm

Watch UFC fighter toughness dropped his opponent. Powerful fighter from around the world gathered in the arena for the title. Support continued to whiz you! Watch the action only on MNC Sports 2!

  Fox Sport 2 - Channel 302


LIVE: 23 February @ 12am

Hottest car racing competition in town Daytona, USA, back again! Dozens of high-speed car back to compete to become the fastest finish the 200 lap race track along the 2.5 Mil. Who will get the title of the fastest car?

  FOX Sport - Channel 303

SBK (Superbike World Championship)

LIVE: 22 February 2015

SBK Championship 2015 re-started with the opening match on the track Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. 24 world-class drivers motorhome super fast they pass through the path paved for a place in the top podium. Will the world champion in 2014, Sylvain Guintoli able to break a new record?

  Golf Channel - Channel 305

PGA Northern Trust Open 2015

20-23 February @ 1am & 5am

Do not miss the action of the world-class golfers showcase their ability in the field of green grass! Rain white ball swing a golf club professional golfers are very dear to miss. See and learn great techniques from your favorite golfer!

  BabyTV - Channel 40

Grandpa Joe’s Magical Playground

Daily, Start 1 January 2015

Grandpa Joe with his magic beam will make the animals great and funny. Listen to Grandpa magic phrase that could turn the beam and start the excitement!

  CBeebies - Channel 41

Grandpa In My Pocket: Set 02 Series 4

Premieres 12 January, Mondays-Fridays @ 3pm

What else would adventures of Jason and his cousin lived with his grandfather giving a magic hat? And if the grandfather still participate in their adventures? Please tune in!

  Disney Junior - Channel 43

Henry Hugglemonster

Saturdays-Sundays @ 6am

Follow the exciting adventures of Henry and his brothers, though they were giants but they are the giants of good and funny.

  Disney XD - Channel 44

Numb Chucks

Mondays-Fridays @ 7am

Telling Woodchuck Dilweed kungfu brothers who was idolized. One time they use kung fu to protect their village from criminals. Did they?

  Cartoon Network - Channel 46

Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu

Premieres 3 January, Saturdays @ 8am

Ninjago Spinjitzu created by a teacher who has the first 4 secret weapon and no one can match the 4 shurikens.

  Discovery Kids - Channel 48

History Hunters

Premieres 21 January, Mondays-Fridays @ 6:30pm

History Hunters a show that will inspire children to learn the history of a dull change into learning history fun.

  Nickelodeon - Channel 49

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

Premieres 5 January, Mondays-Fridays @ 3:50pm

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn Harper is four extraordinary twins. Although sometimes they fight a lot, but they know when they should be together as a family to strengthen each other.

  MNC Kids - Channel 42

Holiday With Kiko

Fridays @ 2pm

It turned down the river there is no life other living beings. Kiko and friends living under the river to help recycle human waste dumped into useful tools. How is the life of Kiko and friends under water there?

  ZooMoo - Channel 39

What’s That Noise?


When Baby Orang would sleep he heard voices. Can the brothers help Baby Orang to find who and what existing noise outside his room?

  BabyTV - Channel 40


Daily, Start1 February 2015

Visit Vegibugs beautiful world, where vegetables are spectacular 3D animation arranged to form different animals. Mention the name of vegetables or try to guess what animal will appear.

  CBeebies - Channel 41

The Numtums Series 1 Set 2

Premieres 23 February, Mondays-Fridays @ 10:15am

Let our brothers join the gang The Numtums and follow their adventures. In each episode, The Numtums will solve the problem or puzzle that complicated.

  Disney Junior - Channel 43

Lucky Duck

Wednesday, 25 February @ 2pm

Let the brothers follow the adventures Duck and his friends to find their way home, as he slammed on the ship that transported home.

  Disney XD - Channel 44

Avengers Assemble Finale

14 & 15 February @ 7am, 2pm & 8pm

Pow ... Pow ... Pow, see the excitement Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawk Eye united against the most horrible criminals on earth.

  Disney Channel - Channel 45

The 7D

Wednesday, 18 February @ 3pm

Grim and Hildy Gloom has an evil plan to steal the magic gems belonging to the seven dwarfs. Come help the seven dwarves against these criminals!

  Cartoon Network - Channel 46



Clarence, adorable boy aged 8 years, never run out of ideas to make the day more exciting. There must be a behavior that makes normal days become more colored.

  Discovery Kids - Channel 48

Operation Ouch! (New Season)

Premieres 11 February, Wednesdays @ 4pm

Joint twin physician Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand, children are encouraged to learn and explore the world of medicine and biology with a unique and interesting way that would make the brothers interested.

  Nickelodeon - Channel 49

The Thundermans

Mondays-Fridays @ 3pm

This film tells the Super Hero families where all members of the family have super powers, but they have to hide their identity as a super hero.

  MNC Kids - Channel 42

Hafidz Indonesia

Premieres 4 February, Mondays-Fridays @ 3:30pm

A talent show inspiring seeking talented youngsters who acquire part or all of the contents of the Qur'an. This program can foster interest in reading the Quran.

  ZooMoo - Channel 39

Animal Noises


Listen! Guess what that sound was ?! Let's play guess the sound of animals. You will be accompanied Afrina, the Beaver funny to guess the sounds of animals that are hiding.

  Celestial Movies - Channel 20

Lock Me Up Tie Him Down
Vivian Hsu Jo-Hsuan, He Jiong

Sundays, 25 January @ 8pm

Tiffany held hostage by unidentified persons, with the threat of kidnapping her videos. What actually happens behind this event?

  Celestial Classic Movies - Channel 22

The Emperor And His Brother
Ti Lung, Pai Piao

Thursday, 1 January @ 8pm

Emperor Qianlong was not the rightful heir of the throne. This resulted in a power struggle between him and his brother.

  Celestial Movies - Channel 20

Break Up 100

22 February @ 8pm

Although often drop out, Sam and Barbara always come back together. But when they begin to reap success cafe, their relationship in danger of dropping for the 100th time.

  Celestial Classic Movies - Channel 22

Girl with a Diamond Slipper

Thursday, 19 February @ 11:55pm

A beautiful actress who is pursuing a career should accidentally get into trouble when two amateur thieves hid the stolen gem in the shoes of the actress. The problem is compounded when the actress lost shoe. Watch the thrilling action between the actress, two amateur thieves and criminal bosses.

  8i - Channel 151

Right Frequency

Premieres 1 February, Sundays @ 9:30pm

Awaken memories of the 60s you to watch a sitcom about these radio broadcasters. About life, love and friendship that exists between them.

  DMAX - Channel 225

How It's Made: Dream Cars

Premieres 16 January, Fridays @ 10pm

Is Alfa Romeo, Bugatti Veyron or Pagani Huayra is your dream car? This event will invite you to see the process behind the making.

  Asian Food Channel - Channel 240

Real Girl's Kitchen

Premieres 5 January, Mondays @ 10pm

Guided by the multi-talented artist, Haylie Duff and removed from the blog and the famous cookbook, Real Girl's Kitchen invites you into the Haylie favorite places - the kitchen!

  EVE - Channel 246

Breaking The Faith

Premieres 15 January, Thursdays @ 9pm

The young woman from a closed community fled to find out about modern life. Can they accept their differences outside world?

  National Geographic People - Channel 247

Dream Cruises S2

Thursdays @ 9:15pm

More than a million tourists now choosing to travel by cruise ship. The series is to review the various cruise ships are designed for luxury and comfort.

  TLC - Channel 248

The Little Couple

Premieres 21 January, Wednesdays @ 9pm

Bill and Jen seems like other married couples. The difference is that the small size of their bodies. See how they start their new family.

  MNC Home & Living - Channel 79

Best Houses

Mondays-Fridays @ 8:30pm

Find out decorations and unique furniture is also interesting references about the dwelling, made of inspiration to keep house in the early years only in MNC Home & Living.

  MNC Health & Beauty - Channel 78

Fit n Fun

Monday-Friday @ 7pm

Forming an ideal body do not always have to feel the pain first. Find the ropes just in Fit N Fun, doing gymnastics, yoga and pilates with fun. Healthy in a fun way along MNC Health & Beauty.

  MNC Lifestyle - Channel 86

Highlife: Healthy Life

19 February @ 6pm

Find out how famous people maintain their health in the midst of a very dense, only on MNC Lifestyle.

  DMAX - Channel 225

Supercar Superbuild

Premieres 20 February, Thursdays @ 10pm

This event invites you to see the beauty, prowess of the exceptional mechanical behind advanced super cars that will make your eyes pop.

  EVE - Channel 246

90 Day Fiance (Valentine's Day Special Stunt)

14 February @ 9am

Watch the first season back of couples of different nationalities who tried to marry in America. Did they realize their love in a marriage?

  TLC - Channel 248

Project Runway: Under The Gunn

Premieres 19 February, Thursdays @ 9pm

Under The Gunn follow Mondo Guerra Project Runway alumnus, Anya ayoung-Chee, and Nick Verreos when they organize, train and direct the 15 new designers.

  MNC Food & Travel - Channel 98

Secret of Indonesia

14 February @ 7pm

Confused about where to vacation? Tired of traveling to places that-it wrote? Watch the special program MNC Food & Travel. Go places you never thought of.

  MNC Home & Living - Channel 79

I Want A Garden

Fridays-Sundays @ 8pm

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