Company Profile

 PT MNC SkyVision (MSV) is the pioneer in Indonesia's satellite pay television industry. Established on August 8, 1988, MSV began to market their satellite-based Pay TV service in early 1994 under the INDOVISION brand name.

Since 1994, MSV utilized a C-band Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) analog service using Palapa C-2 satellite. Later in 1997, MSV underwent a radical technology change from Palapa C-2 Analog in C-Band to Indostar-I Digital in S-Band frequency. Indostar-I satellite was specially launched to cater MSV's program distribution in Indonesia, and is managed by PT. Media Citra Indostar (MCI), a sister company being also a subsidiary company of Global Mediacom.

Currently to distribute its service through out Indonesia, MSV is using its owned satellite named IndostarII that was launched on May 2009. Broadcast on S-band frequency, this satellite equipped with latest broadcast transmission technology.

Using the new satellite, MSV through its product  INDOVISION is able to distribute pay television services with superior audio-video quality, strong signal durability, and bringing more than 100 channels local and international throughout Indonesia.